Rss Taxhavens Tue, 23 May 2017 05:36:54 +0000 FeedCreator 1.8.3 (obRSS 3.2.9) Rss Taxhavens en-GB Why are payday loans used? While some payday loan companies have faced criticism in the past (due to unscrupulous lenders cheating people), there is now no better time to take out a payday loan as the industry has seen a massive overhaul in the way lenders operate. Reputable companies such as Wizzcash offer trustworthy payday loans that are perfect for solving your cash flow problems. As we all know, despite our best efforts, we do often find ourselves in difficult financial situations, which is exactly where a payday loan can be used to get you from out of the red and help you to better manage your finances. Here are just a few of the reasons why payday loans are so popular with so many of us here in the UK. 
Job loss
If you have ever been made redundant or have suffered any form of dismissal from your workplace you will already know how terrible the experience is. Aside from having to find a new job you also have to deal with the problem of paying your bills and rent and anything else that comes with running a household. Those who are struggling to make ends meet can really benefit with a payday loan ...]]> Sammy Important changes for Panama’s Companies Important changes in the Panama’s offshore legislation have been implemented with the adoption of Law 52 of 2016, which establishes the obligation to keep accounting records for those legal persons that do not conduct transactions that are perfected, consummated or have its effects within the Republic of Panama.


This new regulation is now in full force; therefore, it is important to read carefully and that all clients send us the following information:

  • The address where the accounting records are located (if you need an address to quip your Accounting Records, please contact us);
    The name and address of the custodian of said records.
  • Below please find the most salient features of this new legislation now in force in Panama:
  • The law take effect on January 1, 2017;
  • As noted above, the rule states the obligation to keep accounting records for those legal persons that do not perform operations that are perfected, consummated or take effect within the Republic of Panama. This means that it applies to those legal entities, ie companies of all types and private interest foundations registered or re-domiciled in the Republic of Panama, but not operating within the Republic of Panama and ...]]> Sammy Photos for Press use [widgetkit id="1"]

    007 Messages, the best option for avoiding spies while chatting Alarms are ringing on every side after the leaks in WhatsApp’s new confidentiality policy, which allows it to share its users’ data with other businesses in it group; in addition, this is combined with an investigation of the computer company InTheCyber in which they confirmed that any person, even without high technical knowledge, can exploit a weakness in WhatsApp and Telegram to access everything sent and received on these services. Faced with so many security problems, more than a few experts advise people to use instant communication services like 007 Messages, which really ensure anonymity in conversations.
    InTheCyber’s investigation showed that, by just knowing the phone number of the person you want to hack, it’s possible, through the automatic voicemail, to access chats on both WhatsApp and Telegram, which are two of the most used services these days.
    Worry over the weaknesses in the security of these two businesses isn’t new, even though the most recent news shows that the reliability of online services is becoming increasingly weaker. In this context, is it actually possible to maintain an online conversation that is 100% private and which can’t be spied on?
    Faced with the doubts raised by ...]]>
    Foreign bank accounts, increasingly complex and less useful The times when foreign bank accounts were protected by banking secrecy, above all in offshore jurisdictions, can be considered officially over. Those who resorted to this tax engineering tool now know that their personal information can be exposed, because the banks are becoming increasingly fearful and faced with increasing requests from State governments, they share their clients’ personal information. E-wallets are replacing foreign bank accounts.
    So, what went on before? Faced with the constant increase in taxes, people opened foreign bank accounts, especially in jurisdictions where there a very convenient tax policy. In addition, these accounts were protected by a high level of confidentiality, security and convenience, since these jurisdictions showed strict banking secrecy as one of their strengths. Additionally, the account holder often didn’t even have to be physically present to open the account.
    Now, the situation is completely different. Foreign bank accounts are being targeted more and more suspiciously. More than a few officials and financial institutions fear these accounts because, they say, have been, on occasion, associated with tax evasion or money laundering. Therefore, some of the transactions made by these foreign bank accounts have provoked alarms. Add to this the higher maintenance for foreign ...]]>
    Bank Secret: The United States is the largest tax haven in the world Many in the world believe that the bank secret no longer exists in the United States and that the financial institutions share their clients’ personal information with the Government; however, a recent report by the Tax Justice Network shows the United States appears in third place, led only by Switzerland and Hong Kong, among the countries that most respect the bank secret.
    Three years ago, this same report placed the United States in sixth place. What does this change mean? That most countries signed an agreement promoted by the OECD which established stricter norms regarding the exchange of banking information. The United States didn’t sign this agreement, and this made Andrew Penney, manager of the Rothschild Investment Bank, among others, consider this country as “the largest tax haven in the world”.
    It is precisely the American resistance to the very strong standards of the international bank has influenced the positioning of this nation as one of the most attractive for receiving foreign riches. If years ago the richest people in the world preferred depositing their fortunes in places like the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas, it’s not strange now for them to transfer them to banks in Wyoming, ...]]>
    Panama’s Diamond Exchange: the first in Latin America The Panama Diamond Exchange (BDP) was officially presented on March 18 in the Panamanian capital, the first in Latin America, and will begin operations at the end of 2014; it is expected that billions of dollars will go through the Exchange every year and will create some 10,000 jobs, directly and indirectly. The project, with 200 million dollars invested I the infrastructure, will develop a well-organized, regulated diamond trade, both natural and synthetic, which will guarantee consumers a first-rate product at a reasonable price.
    It’s good to know, for example, that in just a decade, the Dubai Diamond Exchange reached an annual transaction volume of 40 billion dollars, an amount that approached expectations of 32 billion a year in a period of5 to 7 years. The BDP has been established with the idea of offering services to the sectors of trading diamonds, precious stones and jewelry from Latin America and the Caribbean, to promote and develop the creation of great opportunities for the most prestigious jewelers of the region.
    According to the lifetime president of the World Federation of Diamond ...]]>
    Typology of Anonymous Bank Accounts Anonymous bank accounts are one of the most interesting options for those who seek greater anonymity and security in their financial operations. Experts affirm that there are several ways to open anonymous bank accounts; however, they also clarify that complete anonymity is not real, but several low tax burden jurisdictions have implemented laws that protect the bank secret; however, the bank is obligated to hand over personal data of a client when presented with a legal order for presumed misuse of an anonymous bank account.
    One of the most used options for opening anonymous bank accounts is a private bank. More than a few of the so-called “big banks) say that they count on “offshore banks” that offer private bank services; however, experts admit that these “offshore entities” are onshore banks and so they won’t give that security. Another variation of anonymous bank accounts is to use a Swiss bank and obtain a numbered account, which is an account where the client’s name doesn’t appear, just a number. Nonetheless, Switzerland is no longer the safe haven it once was because Swiss banks have signed several treaties for exchanging tax information.
    The third way to obtain anonymous bank accounts ...]]>
    Anonymous Bank Accounts aren’t so anonymous Anonymous bank accounts have been positioned as a possible alternative for increasing anonymity in financial operations and thus diminish the pressure that governments exercise through taxes; without a doubt, experts in anonymous bank accounts remind us that said anonymity is never complete, but certain laws that are in vigor, especially in offshore jurisdictions, protect personal data; however, in case a legal order is produced for a presumed misuse of the anonymous bank accounts, the bank will be obligated to hand over all information of the holder of the anonymous bank accounts.
    One of the most outstanding characteristics of anonymous bank accounts is that they are usually registered in a jurisdiction where low taxes are applied to the name of an offshore corporation. Anonymous bank accounts offer online access and the holder receives a Visa or MasterCard debit or prepaid credit card.
    One of the main suggestions that experts in anonymous bank accounts make is that it is possible to take advantage of these accounts without actually needing to directly open one. The best path to take is through the Company. They aren’t a bank; without a doubt, its modern platform lets it receive and send bank ...]]>
    PAYOPM freelance market: security, speed and anonymity This story is fictional, but could be perfectly real. Company "A" needs to redesign its website to be more competitive in its market. Hiring a professional group in its country will be a costly process. So it decides to approach’s freelance market and posts an ad requesting the service there. Soon the company executives start receiving proposals from all over the world. Web designers and programmers join the auction and bid on providing the service.
    From the comfort of their offices or even homes, the executives study the bids, analyze applicants’ CVs and thus select the option that best meets their redesign requirements and budget. Business owners send money to PAYOPM, which receives it and notifies the professionals that they can start working. After the redesign has concluded and the company executives give their approval, PAYOPM clears the money that will end up in the designers’ accounts. The entire process is fast, secure and anonymous.
    Consider another possibility. A Russian-English translator needs to find work to increase his monthly income. He is registered with the PAYOPM freelance market with a very complete profile featuring his photo and CV. This allows him to search all available “auctions” ...]]>
    Internet is the biggest tax haven Internet is by nature open, with low entrance barriers and therefore extremely difficult to regulate. Internet does not allow, or at least poorly tolerates, bureaucratic treatment. Today there is a total of millions of Internet users who have become yet another offshore territory and therefore, many state that Inernet is the biggest Tax Haven. This is because through its network, capital is moved and business, money and stock transactions are made in real time from one hemisphere to another. In developed countries Internet usage has grown annually by about 50% since the late 90s.
    Internet is the most notorious example of the globalization of finance. It is endowed with great freedom in all senses and has revolutionized traditional aspects of the offshore business, such as the transfer of funds,  online banking, e-commerce and incorporation of companies. With the use of ICTs, physical proximity to the offshore center has lost relevance. At present, there are hundreds of banks on Internet where, from your own PC and via e-mail, it is possible to open accounts and make all types of bank transactionsincluding applying for a credit card.
    Internet as the biggist Tax Haven is not a mere slogan: with ...]]>
    Privacy in Tax Havens Privacy can be defined as something we have the right to protect and conceal from others. There is a type of privacy that is very much linked to Tax Havens and offshore businesses that affects personal, tax, financial economic data called privacy in Tax Havens.
    Most governments, led by the United States, are passing laws and regulations to strengthen the fight against international terrorism, drug trafficking and money laundering. Many times, these measures seriously limit some individual freedoms, in addition to compromising the right to privacy of many innocent citizens. There is no lack of protests that consider that there are shady political and economic reasons behind supposedly legitimate purposes.
    Today, there are more people concerned about maintaining confidentiality and all of their financial transactions. Privacy in Tax Havens offers ideal support because it has strict privacy and banking secrecy laws. However, at times it has been used to commit tax fraud or carry out illegal activities, thereby harming legitimate offshore business.
    By avoiding public exposure of property that a person owns, he/she can abort different threats such as lawsuits by unscrupulous individuals who only seek financial gain, extortions by Mafia or criminal ...]]>
    Anonymous and secure surfing kit OPM Security has always been known for leading the pack in computer security services. This was proven once again by the inauguration of a novel anonymous insecure surfing kit that promises to increase the privacy of people when they work online.
    The kit consists of an email client (Thunderbird), a web browser, a series of highly useful office tools and text storage. The software is installed on computers or flash drives – always password-protected — which increases clients' security. This is because they can take their browsing history with them as well as the documents without leaving any trace on the computer they worked on.
    In addition, the kit has the instructions for activating a Swiss virtual private network (VPN) that is very useful for everyone who lives in countries that certain companies place restrictions on. Through the VPN, you would be surfing "from" Switzerland. This means you could open accounts with PayPal or visit sites that are restricted in your country of residence. This kind of surfing would be anonymous and would fool security agency checks.
    The kit can be downloaded from the official OPM Security site ( and it has a series of very ...]]>
    The new mini tax havens Quite a few experts believe the new generations of free ports will be the solution for the development of various businesses that will be conducted in these “mini tax havens”. Free ports or free zones are areas with flexible jurisdiction compared to the country in which they are situated and have evolved as centers for commercial and manufacturing exchange.
    The new generation of free ports is usually built near airports and focuses on storing small, portable and high value goods, such as gold ingots, antique art, documents, and microchips, among others. The best definition for understanding how the new ports work would be to think of a traditional bank deposit; but instead of bank vaults, they are free zones, and you will thus use them as best suit your needs without having to declare it to customs.
    From a fiscal point of view, free ports fall under “no man’s land”. The "free" part refers to suspending customs duties and paying tax. Many of the goods stored in these ports remain there for decades without this causing a problem or attracting the eyes of investigators. In addition, sales of goods at free ports do not include value added tax ...]]>
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