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Offshore Banks and Offshore Banks Account

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The Best Offshore Banks, an e-book after the Panama Papers

The offshore world reached the headlines of the principal mass media of the world after the scandal over the Panama Papers. Many have lost their trust of this sector, which had used the bank secret as one of their strong points. These days, decreasing numbers of people dare to open an offshore bank account, precisely because they fear that their personal information will be exposed. So then, have offshore banks become obsolete? The renowned Italian lawyer, Giovanni Caporaso, seated in Panama for years, analyzes the current situation of these banks, shows which ones are still useful and, throughout the pages of his most recent e-book, offers suggestions on how to work in the offshore world. One point that Caporaso makes clear in his e-book is that for people and businesses to open an offshore bank account today, through a consulting firm, can be a complex, expensive procedure that’s not always secure. Now, the most used option – not only by those with large fortunes but also by common citizens who are tired of paying high taxes – is to turn to offshore e-wallets, in the style of PAYOPM, which allows opening online accounts which function like an offshore bank account, with total adherence to its clients’ privacy.

Save thousands of dollars on consultation firm fees and directly contact the most accessible offshore banks to open your offshore bank account and protect your capital from the risks of a possible collapse of your country’s economic system, from your ex-spouse, from tax authorities or creditors who could impound everything you own for an alleged debt. This guide has been compiled by the experts of OffshoreBanksDirectory.com.


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