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Interested in taking your money overseas?  Banking passports provides much needed anonymity and protection in the age of stricter security measures. That’s why it’s a great advantage to have a second passport to conduct your offshore banking with.
The Western world doesn´t want you to take your money overseas. They are putting greater restrictions on offshore banking by their citizens. The U.S., for example, bullies foreign banks making it almost impossible for its citizens to secure offshore bank accounts.
Today’s governments can buy lists of offshore bank customers. That is where the perk of a second passport comes in.  With a second passport accounts will appear with a second nationality. Therefore, if the bank account is opened with a second passport, governments won´t be able to find you.
Personal accounts are not secure because the name goes public whenever an operation is conducted. The best way to secure your information is to open a corporate account as a beneficiary using a second passport. This will assure that your government won´t find you; they´ll only find a corporate account with the identity of another country´s resident. 
The best countries to get a banking passport with are developing countries, like Dominican Republic, for example. These second passports are generally easier and cheaper to get. Also, these countries provide more anonymity and have no interest in your bank account information. Just be sure to avoid getting a banking passport in a country that is known for terrorism or drug-related activity.
Banking passports offer the safe opening of foreign bank accounts and storage of assets, without the risk of scrutiny by your home government.

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