Change Identity, a necessary guide

Change identityChange Identity, a necessary guide

More than a few people have felt the need to change identity and obtain a second passport or carry multiple passports. There can be many reasons for adopting one of these actions: for personal reasons, from business to politics; without a doubt, the world of identity change remains a mystery for many, who associate it with movies done in the best Hollywood style in which a spy, usually North American, is able to pass borders and customs controls, starting with multiple passports that show him with a different appearance on every occasion. However, reality is much richer than fiction and the prolific writer Giovanni Caporaso shows how in his most recent book Change Identity is Possible, Here is the Proof, published by Expats Books.
Through an ample investigation, Caporaso provokes us with a question that will guide us through the entire reading of the interesting subject: is it possible to change identities? The author’s answer is a resounding “yes”, and of course he has dedicated the more than 140 pages of the e-book to discuss his thesis on Change Identity.
Mr. Caporaso begins by analyzing possible reasons that people might have for change identity and, further on, he enters into very interesting and, at the same time, extremely controversial subjects: change identity, starting with changing your face with plastic surgery and modifying your fingerprints.
The subject line then brings us to the adoption of new citizenships and it’s here that the author shows his superior knowledge, through a detailed and descriptive analysis of the benefits of having a new citizenship, the importance of having multiple passports, the legal options of having a new citizenship, and many of the places where it is easier to obtain them.
The guide that Mr. Caporaso proposes is extremely useful because, country by country, the author shows the pros and cons of change identity and get a second passport in nations that count with economic programs for receiving the afore mentioned legal documents. Perhaps many think that this information is available on Internet and that it is all correct. However, the advantage given by this e-book is that everything that is written has been revised, analyzed and criticized by a man who is highly experienced as a legal counselor and journalist. Mr. Caporaso knows what he is writing about and this gives an undeniable value to the book Change Identity is Possible, Here is the Proof.
In the final part of his book Mr. Caporaso decides to enter into a argument, and has no doubt in speaking, in depth, about various nations that have not been recognized as such, but are fighting for their right to exist, including Antarcticland; further on he also presents some micro-nations that are at the center of debate because the large nations deny them, for economic and political interests, recognition as such.
The understanding, the depth, the openness to debate to polemics are present in every of Giovanni Caporaso’s book Change Identity is Possible, Here is the Proof. It’s an interesting read, with life stories, analyses of the laws, variations for achieving the change, in order to change identity and obtain a new citizenship. In every case, the writer speaks with propriety and certainty about the possible costs of these programs, which converts the e-book into very appreciable material.
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