Why do I need a Camouflage ID?

id 3Why do I need a Camouflage ID?

Second ID

The Camouflage ID is an emergency document at best. It shouldn’t be used as a topic of conversation between friends at a get-together; it could make the difference between life and death in certain situations. Because of several other obvious reasons we recommend acquiring at least one. Although the most common uses of the Camouflage IDs are “highly unofficial”, they are very useful for the anonymity.
We prefer to offer as Camouflage ID documents issued by the Government of Antarcticland (Not Recognized Country)
The de jure (official) and de facto (case-by-case) acceptance of the Antarcticland ID is the international common law basis for the ID. The common law validity derives from the acceptance or recognition of the ID by governmental entities.
Yet even if no nation-state had ever recognized the validity of the ID, the Antarcticland ID still would be valid
Whether or not an Authority recognizes your Antarcticland ID does not determine the validity of the document. Antarcticland´s IDs have been accepted de jure (officially) and on a de facto (case-by- case) basis by several countries.

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Why do I need a Camouflage Passport?


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