Anti Kidnapping Tips

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Step 1 Practice the use of a firearm while driving as part of your anti-kidnapping training. Drivers who experience an assault need to be able to shoot out tires and ward off violence without driving off the road.

Step 2 Seek out information on the best evasive maneuvers for urban environments as you learn anti-kidnapping driving skills. Your comfort with sudden braking, swerving into small spaces and blocking traffic for members of your motorcade is necessary to prevent kidnapping.

Step 3 Enhance your foreign language skills as you learn how to prevent a kidnapping while you drive. Your fluency in a native tongue can help with threat assessment, communication with locals and processing information while driving in unfamiliar terrain.

Step 4 Maintain a 360-degree plane of vision as you practice anti-kidnapping driving skills. Your ability to avoid threats and protect your client hinges entirely on a clear line of sight on all sides of your vehicle.

Step 5 Navigate your vehicle away from gunfire, grenades and rockets to prevent kidnapping on your watch. Novice protection specialists need to learn to use bullet-proof armor, retaining walls and natural barriers in concert to avoid heavy damage.

Step 6 Spend time in professional driving courses learning to ram potential assailants to make a quick getaway. Specific courses in ramming cars in reverse, from the side and head-on will help you clear a path to safety.

Step 7 Participate in professional racing courses to learn drifting, loose steering and effective ways to surpass other vehicles. These skills are necessary to deal with unique threats such as an assault in a public square and kidnapping efforts in a back alley.

Step 8 Meet with your client to provide a full report on potential threats before you head into a dangerous situation. You should share basic information on vocal and written threats to a principal while providing an update on your next move to alleviate fears.