How to make money investing in the easy apartment application

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easy apartment 2Minimum investment: 2500 Euros for cities with 0-1 million inhabitants
Minimum earnings with 1000 monthly clients: 2500 Euros
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Would you like to earn money with an application that allows you to recuperate a minimum investment in less than three months? Easy Apartment is an application that enables you to find, through a GPS system, those apartments that are being sold or rented near you. This is a very interesting proposal, with a big future, especially if you keep in mind the rapid growth of mobile apps. You can become a partner in the company that developed this app for only 2500 Euros (single payment) and you will begin to earn money as soon as you can attract new advertisers to the app.
If you have a smartphone or another type of mobile device (like a tablet), you probably use programs or apps to play games, get step-by-step place tracking instructions, access news, books, weather data and more. These mobile apps are easy to download and often free.

What is Easy Apartment?
Easy Apartment is an app designed for Android that, through the GPS system, permits locating apartments for sale or rent near you that interest you. The app can be downloaded for free from Google Play (the Google Apps Store). The app is in Spanish, but since partners are being gained, the website and the app will be translated into other languages.

How does Easy Apartment work?
It’s fairly easy and very useful. For example, if you were a stranger and don’t know an area of a city, but you like it, you open the app and it will show you the apartments for sale or rent nearest to where you are at the moment.
Not all places in the world put up signs with “For Sale” or “For Rent” on apartment doors, in order to protect their privacy, so that it is possible to locate the apartment with Easy Apartment and, in addition, to get access to photos of the place and information for contacting the owner or agent.
This is the easiest system of finding the apartment of your dreams through your mobile phone or tablet. In addition, the app is connected to a website where you can locate apartments, through filtering by city, neighborhood or streets, but the idea is to do it in the place where you would like to live.

Offer for the Easy Apartment partners
Millions of dollars are needed to develop this app. Since we don’t have them, we are seeking partners according to their zones. The partner can work in a determined zone (or rather, by city) or by entire cities or countries.
The investment is 2,000 Euros for cities or areas that go from 0 to 1 million inhabitants (small cities).
For cities from 1-3 million inhabitants, the investment is 5 thousand Euros.
For cities from 3-6 million inhabitants the investment is 7,500 Euros.
For cities with more than 6 million inhabitants the investment is 10 thousand Euros.

How is this money distributed?
1,000 Euros of the investment go toward developing the web-page for your area. On this page, it is possible to view al of the announcements that are entered, plus payments. Your customers can view all of the apartments offered in this area. It is also used for customizing the chosen language of the presentation cartoon. The rest of the money is used for advertising on Facebook, because this is generally the social network most used by young people and professionals. Logically, you can study cases of countries or cities where Facebook doesn’t have much impact, and other advertising options are evaluated. The only thing that we, as the developing company, need is the security that this money is invested in advertising, and that has to be part of the agreement with the partner.
We arrange for the app’s registration, the servers, the development of all the new free versions and receive 50% of the income. The partner receives the other 50% in exchange for the initial investment and the marketing that he can do locally.

How do you begin developing the app?
All real estate agencies of the area are contacted and will be offered the chance of putting the announcements they wish for free within 30 days. All of these announcements will be given 6 months of free advertising in our data base. It’s important that the agencies know that when we have obtained a certain amount of announcements in a certain area, we will begin the advertisement campaign on Facebook and, this way, they will have curious clients that will want to visit their properties. This is the profit for the real estate agencies. The private advertiser begins paying after the first month (5 Euros for each announcement). When the private party sees that there are working advertising campaigns, that the app works well and that increasing the amount of announcements, he will start placing more of his announcements on the app.
The price of the announcements (5 Euros) is an agreement between the partner and the developer company. This amount can be varied in certain cases, but we have calculated that, according to the average price of Internet announcements, 5 Euros is a price that will attract. Charging on a monthly basis is also appealing, because the person who places the announcement could have an apartment that he only rents by the month, so he won’t have to pay 2 or 3 months for the same announcement. Most Internet websites only let you advertise for a set time; it doesn’t work that way with Easy Apartments, since we go month to month.
Most developers that create apps for viewing properties on your mobile phone or tablet work for a real estate company, which restricts the field of offers. Our idea is to work more with private individuals than with real estate agencies. Real estate agencies keep free announcements for 6 months. If they want to keep their announcements after the time is up, they will either have to pay or else withdraw their announcements.

How much do you earn and how long do you wait to recover your initial investment?
We calculate that in a city of 3 million inhabitants you could have, after three months of work, a minimum of 1,000 monthly announcements (mostly from private people). This means an income of 5000 Euros each month (50% for the partner, 50% for the developers).
If the partner has connections or wants to invest in radio advertising, or has some means of communications or a mailing list, his opportunities for gaining more clients will increase and, as a result, more money faster.
The private announcer pays after the first month; however, it happens that we aren’t going to have a large number of private offers at the beginning, so just a small amount of money will come in to cover a few expenses. What we advise is reinvesting these amounts in different types of advertising for attracting more potential clients.
The idea is to begin earning profits after 3-6 months of work and the initial investment will be recuperated after 2 months of complete action, because this is an excellent investment. The total investment isn’t very high for certain countries. Also, if we look at prices for advertising in Latin America or East European countries, we see that they are over 7 Euros per month; our cost will be 5 Euros. The idea is to have a lower price that will attract anyone.
Different prices can also be established according to volume. If an agency decides to take 1,000 announcements a month, you could give them a volume price and this will be agreeable to both parties.
In some areas it will be possible to insert advertisements, and publicity agreements can be made. Through all of this, the partner will have his earnings. Even a small area can have many attractions, because it could be in a zone known for tourism or in a high value property zone, And so, for example, the ads could be worth 10 Euros.
Proceeds coming in from publicity will also be divided by 50%. If, for example, the partner receives an offer, he has to inform the developing company, and they will make a decision together. If the developing company receives a direct offer, it, too, will have to inform the partner and they will decide together. If the properties are very expensive in one area, they can decided together if they should increase the price of the ads.

How are payments for the ads received?
Everything is automatic. The payment is made with a credit card and registered. The ideal is to not have an office, in order to avoid local taxes. The partner can decide whether to register a branch in his country, or he can also tell us where he wants the profits to be sent. All information is in real time so that the partner and the developer know how much money is being received, and who has paid for the announcement.
The program automatically removes the advertisements that haven’t been paid for. The program will send an e-mail to the advertiser prior to the expiration date, reminding him to make the following payment.
The agencies and private advertisers can update contact information and photographs of the property in the database of the app and the website. The program only controls payments.

What is a mobile app?
A mobile app is a program that you can download and access directly from your phone or from any other mobile device like, for example, a tablet or an MP3 player.

What do I need to download and use an app?
You need a smartphone or some other mobile device with access to Internet. Not all apps work on every mobile device. When you buy one of these devices, you must use the OS and type of apps compatible with this device. The mobile OS of Android, Apple, Microsoft and Blackberry have online app stores where you can search, download and install the apps. Some minor sellers also have Internet app stores.

Why are some apps free?
Some apps are distributed for free from app stores. The creators of these apps can earn money as follows:

  • Some providers sell publicity space inside the app. The creators of these apps can earn money from advertisements; this is why they distribute the app for free, to get the largest number of possible users.
  • Some apps offer free basic versions. The developers of these apps hope that you like the app enough that you will upgrade to a higher version with a greater amount of functions that you will have to pay for.
  • Other apps are offered free to arouse your interest in products by the same company. These apps are a form of publicity.

Why do some apps collect tracking data?
There are some apps that use specific tracking data for offering maps, coupons from nearby stores or information regarding someone that you might know and is in your area. Some apps supply tracking data from advertising networks that can be combined with other information stored in its databases for directing specific advertisements based on your interests and geographical location.

Do I have to update my apps?
It’s possible that your phone or tablet will advise you when updates are available for your apps. It’s a good idea to update the apps installed in your device whenever new versions appear. Frequently, updates offer security patches for protecting your information and the device against malicious programs that have recently popped up.

Apps, an ever-growing market
Mobile apps are becoming more and more popular among smartphone and tablet users. For example, in 2013 they have offered job for some 800,000 people and create annual benefits of more than 10 billion Euros in the European Union alone.
The omnipresence of these apps has let citizens access, thanks to wireless Internet connections, computer functions from their mobile devices and opened new opportunities when compared to the era of the desktop PC.
These new opportunities benefit the economy of every country, because they support a boost in the sector of information and communication technologies, which contribute to the creation of qualified employment and favor economic growth.
Experts point out that the time spent using these apps is the measure of the value placed on them, both in terms of time spent on leisure and communication as well as time saved by citizens and businesses through the use of texting, maps or other production tools.

  • The advantages of these apps have multiplied. They allow:
  • The user or client to access their information where they are, if they have an Internet connection;
  • The market for mobile services is growing in leaps and bounds, and those who adopt the technology in its initial phases will be the big earners;

A mobile device app can be used as a means for business promotion or sold as a consumer product.
Use of the app in businesses will have various benefits:

  • Mobile extension for the company;
  • It will allow the client to contact them in a question of seconds;
  • Provides window shopping that can be seen by thousands of people every day;
  • It is a low-cost marketing tool;

Users also have multiple advantages while using apps:

  • One of the most obvious advantages is the ease and rapidity in which they can access information since the apps are present in their wireless phones and tablets at all times and there is no need to introduce data every time you access it;
  • Another important advantage is the safe storage of their personal data, which lets the users to save time and quickly access their favorites, in addition to customizing the app to their own taste.
  • In addition, it is possible to shop anywhere at any time.

Advantages of the Android System
Among all the OS that control mobile devices, the most used is Android. Why?

  • Android’s code is open: Google freed Android under license to Apache. Anyone can make an app for Android.
  • Today, there are more than 650,000 apps available for devices that use Android; approximately 2/3 are free and can be downloaded, mainly from Google Play. In addition, the freedom of the code permits adapting Android to other devices in addition to cell phones. It is implemented in Tablets, GPS and watches.
  • he Android system is capable of letting several apps work at once; in addition, it is responsible for managing them, leaving them in sleep mode when not being used, and closing them after a certain period of inactivity. This avoids unnecessary use of the battery.