CC10 is a new platform where you can buy and sell Cryptocurrencies

CC10 is a new platform where you can buy and sell CryptocurrenciesCryptocurrency10 will soon launch a new platform, where it will be possible to publish ads, buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether in 173 countries and with direct payments in local currency. The site will be provided with permanent technical support and this will be available in Spanish, English and Italian.

Cryptocurrency10 is looking forward to compete with LocalBitcoin and LocalEthereum, although it starts with several advantages over these sites, because the platform allows, in a single space, to make the local sale of several Cryptocurrencies; In addition, Cryptocurrency10 will be able to do business with real estate, vehicles and services, always paying and receiving in Cryptocurrency. In these businesses, Cryptocurrency that establishes the contract guidelines, as well as fixes the terms for the release of the Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency10 will not work as the classic Exchange, because it won't get involved in transactions unless there is a dispute between two users.

Cryptocurrency10 has aroused the attention of many, because it offers a platform where people can exchange their local currency with Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies, in an environment very easy to understand and totally safe. Cryptocurrency 10 users publish their ads on the site, in which they clarify the exchange rates and payment methods to make the purchase and sale of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether. Those interested in these offers can contact the advertiser to complete the purchase. This contact without intermediaries streamlines the process and eliminates any bureaucracy, as the person who executed the purchase gets their Cryptocurrencies at the end of the operation.

Cryptocurrency 10 accepts any type of payment acceptable by the two parties involved in the transaction; In addition, for each exchange, Cryptocurrency 10 offers guarantees for both the seller and the buyer of Cryptocurrencies.