Credit cards

buy-credit-cardsCredit cards not linked to your account, which includes courier delivery and internet banking.

Obtaining a rechargeable credit card requires a copy of your passport, a referral letter from your bank, a copy of a utility bill (water, electricity, gas or land phone), so that in case of loss or theft we know where to turn for instructions. It can be recharged through Swift from a non-European offshore bank account. The cards use internet banking. The credit cards we offer are not linked to your offshore bank account and therefore cannot be retraced back to you; in case you are found, you can state that the cards were sent to you by OPM Security and that you haven’t deposited any funds.

Anonymous Credit Cards If you wish to have an anonymous credit card, with another name (international legislation states that the name of the beneficiary must appear in all credit cards) we can furnish a front man. In this case, you must sign a fiduciary contract, which service costs 200 Euro/ year. Beware that having an anonymous credit card, under a name under someone else’s name, may create problems when making purchases in stores.

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To order a rechargeable credit card or an anonymous credit card, fill out this secure form and attach:
1. A copy of your passport
2. Utility bill (water, electricity, gas bill, etc.)
3. Copy of your payment
4. Fiduciary contract in the case of an anonymous credit card
Include your address complete with your Zip Code and phone number for delivery.

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