What do we need in order to create an ICO?

What do we need in order to create an ICO? We’re always more contacted by people looking forward to launch an initial Cryptocurrency offer (ICO) to raise funds for a new project and do not know how to comply with established regulations or where to start..

The first element that we ask our customers is to present a business plan, which contains all the details about how by means of a token or Cryptocurrency, you can raise funds for your project. A second step is to analyze the conformation of the working team, since an ICO can’t be a single-person’s company, but the project must count from a community manager and obviously a community, programmers, economists, etc. These projects do not run quickly, but can take up to six months (presentation, community building, marketing, etc.).

Another very important element is the financial capacity. Sometimes our firm has found projects that seeks to launch a crowdfunding campaign first to anchor their ICO. We do not consider this to be relevant, because anchoring to implement a subsequent anchorage is undoubtedly not a good strategy.
ICO launches to raise money, but we also understand that there must be a minimum financial capacity to successfully execute the ICO, as it is necessary to bear in mind that this implies legal and marketing expenses, as well as others that may arise in the way.

Below are some of the services we offer to customers wanting to launch an ICO:
-Analysis of your business plan (including know-a-client taxes and analysis [KYC]
-Tokens sales Agreements
-Privacy Policy
-ICO Terms and conditions