Bank Companies

Company with the Name of a Banca (bank in Italian and Catalan)

It is a service company legally constituted in the Dominican Republic, with a name that begins by Bank. The company can have an account in dollars in a Dominican bank (you can open up others in other countries, but with some difficulty since there are international restrictions regarding for names with “bank”) and has a capital divided into shares that can be sold at the price that both the seller and the buyer agree upon from time to time. The best option on the market for offering financial services using the name of a bank is when the company can offer services that go from speculation to offshore financial services collecting commissions from banks or other financial institutions from trading, opening accounts, credit cards, etc. Furthermore, it can promote investments and collect on commissions from successful business affairs—a sort of Business Bank without a license. According to international law this company can’t collect funds, but it can sell its own shares or participation shares on earnings. Or else, they can issue shares at 5% fixed interest to then place the money in a bank that offers 10%. The activities that can be carried out are limited only by your imagination and by the products or services that you wish to provide.
The sale includes: Stock Company (SC) with the name “Bank”; presentation for the opening of a bank account in dollars and Dominican pesos (the presence of a signer is required); internet dominion with the same name; our free consultation for three months and contacts with Financial Institutions.

Cost: €6,250.00