Liberian Corporations

Liberia’s LLC corporations are easily created. The formation can be completed in one day after receiving the request and accompanying fees. These companies are very practical for use in the double name game linked to corporations in Delaware or in certain countries in the EU.

Choosing a Company Name
Names for Liberian Corporations can be in any language as long as they use the Roman alphabet. When you name a corporation, any standard corporate suffix is acceptable (for example, Inc., Ltd., and Corp. among others).
You must use at least two other alternative names in your application in order to avoid lost time in the case that your first choice isn’t available.

Number of directors
Liberian corporations must specify the initial number of directors, which can also be a single director.

Corporate Share Structure
The shares can be issued to the registrar or to the bearer or in any combination of the two. The shares can either be of equal value or of different values. They can be issued in any currency. A standard formation can consist of 500 registrations and/ or actions to the bearer with unequal values, or $50,000 USD of equal value stock. An additional authorized capital could increase the amount of tax duties on the tax duties during the funding of the corporation.

Number of Partners
An LLC in Liberia must specify one or partners at the time of formation.

Operation Agreement for an LLC
Unlike the formation Certificate, the operation Agreement is usually kept inside the corporation, but it can be published if requested.

The fees for the formation of an LLC or the incorporation of a non-resident domestic company in Liberia amount 1,480 EUR (which includes the fees for the first year). You pay a 600 EUR single Agent and Director Tax annually beginning with the second year.

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