Seychelles Companies

 Companies in the Seychelles

Offshore companies offer anonymity to their partners. Operating from an offshore territory, you are able to limit the liability of the shareholders by reducing or, in many cases, eliminating tax burdens. Companies in the Seychelles Islands are tax exempt, based on the International Business Company Act of 1994. They are very similar to the Panamanian companies, except that the companies’ statutes are registered in English; the disadvantage in respect to the Panamanian companies is that our central office is in Panama and therefore, in case of controls and/or problems we are able to furnish immediate assistance. The Seychelles companies are tax exempt, they don’t have the obligation of presenting a budget and/or file a tax return, and they can be managed from any part of the world. Only one director appears in the statute and the actions are made out to the holder. If the client doesn’t wish to appear, a director will be furnished by our legal firm (the cost is 150 euro a year and is included in the initial set-up price) and a general notorial proxy and apostil (recognized by the Foreign Minister) are furnished to the owner/shareholder for managing the company, buying, selling, opening bank accounts, opening branch offices, etc.
Only operating through an offshore territory will you be able to limit the shareholders’ liability by reducing their tax burden at the same time. Furthermore, the offshore companies can also be used for the following reasons:
1) To open accounts abroad and/or stock exchange investments and be able to conceal the real beneficiary in case of need (divorce, distraint of goods, etc).
2) To participate in national companies, concealing the real partners.
3) To buy and sell merchandize to your own national business or else to others, putting the desired price in the invoice.
4) To invoice services as though they had been performed abroad, avoiding the payment of taxes, (consultations, web services, projects, books, articles, etc.)
5) To protect your goods in Italy or abroad.
6) To avoid judiciary distraints.
7) To avoid inheritance taxes and to guarantee a better future for your family.
8) To create an economic alternative in complete anonymity.
9) To reduce tax burdens.
10) To invest abroad
If you think of the advantages, the price of 1200 euro, all included, is insignificant. Offshore companies can be used for all your activities that can be managed from abroad without issuing invoices to your clients. If your clients need to unload your invoices you can use the American companies. Offshore business is usually managed through an overseas company established in a tax haven, by someone residing in a country with high taxation and who wishes, at least in part, to elude taxes. The activity appears (and MUST appear) as residing broad, the invoices are issued abroad, and they must always be paid abroad (unless your client pays them in cash). You can withdraw your money as you wish from an offshore account, but they must never be sent to your account. You can use the ATM or triangulations from other accounts. With this scheme and good counseling you are free from the risk of tax control. Keep in mind that offshore schemes are different from case to case. For some activities (the sale of goods and products, for instance) it’s not entirely possible to elude taxation, but it can be reduced by using European companies in countries with low tax rates. Our consultation is free for those clients who acquire our services. The Offshore scheme can be repeated various times in order to increase security.

Price: 1200 Euros