Banana00 freelance market: security, speed and anonymity

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marketplace payopmThis story is fictional, but could be perfectly real. Company "A" needs to redesign its website to be more competitive in its market. Hiring a professional group in its country will be a costly process. So it decides to approach’s freelance market and posts an ad requesting the service there. Soon the company executives start receiving proposals from all over the world. Web designers and programmers join the auction and bid on providing the service.
From the comfort of their offices or even homes, the executives study the bids, analyze applicants’ CVs and thus select the option that best meets their redesign requirements and budget. Business owners send money to Banana00, which receives it and notifies the professionals that they can start working. After the redesign has concluded and the company executives give their approval, Banana00 clears the money that will end up in the designers’ accounts. The entire process is fast, secure and anonymous.
Consider another possibility. A Russian-English translator needs to find work to increase his monthly income. He is registered with the Banana00 freelance market with a very complete profile featuring his photo and CV. This allows him to search all available “auctions” to perform Russian-English or English-Russian translations. He checks those from which he can receive the most money and “applies”. His extensive CV makes him a very strong competitor, and, generally, at least two business owners select him daily. He meets the deadline and established parameters so he grows monthly. Another aspect that keeps him at Banana00 is that as that company also operates as an e-wallet, the person hiring him pays via that same platform which means that the money arrives faster and without surcharges.
Stories like these repeat themselves daily in Banana00’S freelance market; a service that attracts increasingly more advertisers and freelancers from around the globe who seek this company due to all the guarantees and potential outcomes it offers. Visit