Open an offshore bank account

The times of numbered and anonymous offshore bank accounts are over. It’s no longer a question of being rich or poor; opening an offshore bank account today is almost impossible. The new international regulations force banks to identify their customers in depth and to verify the origin of their funds. Banks risk astronomical fines, the loss of the correspondence accounts that render them inactive and even the cancellation of their license and successive liquidation. This being said, you can certainl y understand that opening an offshore bank account isn’t something easily done; even less so if opening it remotely, or rather, without being present at the bank.
So, therefore, you’ll ask “How can I open an offshore bank account? For three decades, our law firm has assisted customers around the world in opening offshore bank accounts. These days, however, in order to protect your capital and be able to operate in the global world, it’s necessary to utilize various types of financial entities. Other than banks, electronic wallets (e-wallets) and cryptocurrencies are also good options.
In order to advise you, we ask you to fill out the form below so that we can analyze your profile and offer you the best options for your needs in opening an offshore bank account or accounts in cryptocurrencies and/or e-wallets.

Why do I need an offshore bank account?

An offshore bank account allows you to protect your assets.  

How do I open an offshore bank account?

Most of the offshore banks require now the presence of the account signatory. Online options are very limited and depends on your Nationality, Residence, monthly turnover, etc. Please fill the questionnaire and we will recommend your best online options.

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