OPM VoIP offers portable Panama mobile numbers

OPM VoIPOPM VoIP has launched mobile phone numbers from Panama, an exclusive service of this company, which offers multiple advantages to its customers, including the possibility of making calls everywhere in the world, without worrying about the high costs of roaming but only need to have an Internet connection; In addition, you can attach the acquired number to accounts in Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, PayPal, banks, etc. and you can also run portability, to continue using your usual number, even if you are traveling.

OPM VoIP takes advantage of the communication facilities by VoIP, a system that allows the transmission of voice and data via the Internet. Therefore, VoIP communication is much more economical now and the rates offered by OPM VoIP makes it the best choice on the market.

The Panama mobile number acquired in OPM VoIP never expires and the SMS that you’re receiving reaches your mailbox in seconds. One of the most interesting options of OPM VoIP is to carry out the portability of your regular phone number to VoIP telephony. What does this mean? By paying 225 Euros per year, you can continue to use the number with which you communicate with your customers, friends or family members daily, but via the virtual number purchased from OPM VoIP that you will be able to utilize from any device connected to the Internet (Smartphone, tablet, and computer).

This is very useful, for several reasons, in the first place, because you will not have to use a new number that is unknown to your usual contacts; Adding to, it gives you more privacy to your life, as you will be able to call from anywhere in the world and the IDs will appear as if you were calling from your mobile. No one could locate it exactly where it’s really.

With the Panama mobile numbers that sells OPM VoIP you are confident that you will never lose an important call from your customers, family or bank when you are traveling.