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Identity Documents to Change Identity

Change identityWhat You Need to Know to Successfully Change Your Identity

There are many reasons why one might need to obtain new identity documents. Many people require them for financial reasons or privacy, but even more pressing are safety and political reasons. For some, it is vital to use a new identity if they could be a possible victim of a terrorist attack. As a political refuge, identity documents can provide much needed security. If you are a witness of a crime or situation that the police can’t properly protect you from, a convincing identity document could be a matter of life or death. 
It is obvious that your physical appearance distinguishes who you are from others, but how do you really prove to others who you are? Identification, in the form of identity documents, is the quickest, easiest, and most effective way to prove your identity to others. In the U.S., there are many documents that can be used to show who you are and they are vital in many situations. If you need to change your identity and protect your privacy or personal safety, an important first step is securing reliable identity documents. Some are simple to acquire, like credit cards, while others that are used for more official purposes, like birth certificates and social security numbers, require more work to procure.

Lesser, Yet Still Important, Identity Documents
There is a plethora of identity documents, according to your needs, that are used in the United States. Basically, it is just a document used to show another person who you are. Many of these identity documents are really easy to get your hands on and are sufficient enough for a variety of transactions that require proof of identification.
To begin with, a Driver’s license is often sufficient and is readily accessible to almost any identity changer. In the U.S., in order to get a driver’s license, all you need to do is get a learner’s permit for six months, pass a written exam, and then take a road test. As an added bonus, because so much emphasis is put on the tests, little is focused on the verification of the driver’s identity. A more convincing, yet elaborate method is to attend driving school. This is practically fool proof because who would think that someone in driving school would be faking their identity. Just be sure to pretend to be a novice driver. If you smoothly parallel park, for example, suspicion bells may go off.
Credit cards are another identity document that can be acquired with fairly little effort. These are very useful, for say, opening up a checking account. Acquiring a credit card usually requires proper credit; both there are two ways to get a credit card without it. The secure credit card is one way – establish a credit profile as the new you and wait for a secured credit card company to send you a secured card or call a company and ask them to send you, the new you of course, an application to your new address. Make sure in all of these transactions not to sue any thing connected with your past life. Adding a cardholder to an already existing account is another way to get a new credit profile and thereby the ability to get a credit card with your new identity, as desired.
Another valid identity document is utility bills, although they are not typically used as such. Phone, gas, and electric bills can be turned on under your new identity’s name and address, by providing another identity document proving who you “are”. Utility bills come in handy because they are often required when opening up a bank account.
A social security card is another useful identity document used by U.S. residents. It can be acquired easily, once you have a social security number (SSN) – how to obtain a SSN will be explained later on. For a small fee, many companies will print your number on a card. Another option is to photocopy another person’s card and replace the number with your own. Life insurance companies will also send you S.S. cards, when information packets are requested.
There are a few additional documents that aren’t generally referred to for identity, but can prove important as finishing touches on your new identity and can assist you in thoroughly convincing those around you of your identity. What average identity changer would go to the lengths of opening up a library account, for example – well, this card can reduce suspicion, with separates the savvy identity changer from one of average standing. Other less common, but still valuable documents include: baptismal certificates, wallet inserts, tax documents, and engraved jewellery/monogrammed clothes and accessories.

Birth Certificate – The Mother of All Identity Documents
Birth certificates are one of the most important and useful identity documents that you can obtain, along with SSNs. It is definitely more of a challenge to secure and use a birth certificate, but it is possible with a little creativity and effort. Fortunately, birth certificates, in the U.S., are public records and, therefore, any one has the right to access them. It is just about making sure that the one you get work for the new “you”. Once you acquire this document, it can be used to apply for a variety of other identity documents – library cards, voter registration, driver’s licenses, credit cards, and even passports.
One method of getting a birth certificate is ghosting. This means that you use the identity of a dead person, who doesn’t have identity documents, like a child. This method was very popular in the 1960’s, but now, as of 2006, the U.S. has made it increasingly difficult, dangerous and highly illegal. Although still doable today, this method isn’t recommended it is common for birth certificates to be cross checked and, if caught, a long jail sentence could be in order.
Birth certificates can also be obtained by purchasing them from an underworld dealer, who collects them from delinquents and people off the streets. People may also sell you their birth certificate information. For example, it is possible, in the U.S., to find a person, who has no intention of travelling abroad, to let you use their identifying information for a price. This information can then be used to, let’s say, apply for a second passport.
It is easy to get a certified copy of any birth certificate by going to a vital statistics office. Although there are town and county offices, it is best to go to a state agency as they are less likely to know who the person whose birth certificate you are requesting. You wouldn’t want to approach a town or county clerk, who suspiciously may exclaim – “Hey – what do you want with my dead Uncle Bob’s certificate anyway!” So, as the savvy identity changers know: the bigger the agency, the better.

Social Security Numbers: The Benchmark of a Person’s Identity
As every wise identity changer is aware of, a social security number (SSN) is the benchmark of a person’s identity in the U.S. A SSN is required for virtually everything: bank accounts, credit cards, police checks, car rentals, and motel check-ins.
Since 1935, all U.S. citizens have been required to have a SSN. It was originally established to keep track of an individual’s earnings, but it has now become a very identifier in this country. Therefore, it is essential to have a SSN to prove your identity.
Great care must be taken in choosing a number. The SSN was amended in 1981 thereby making it a criminal offence to alter, buy, sell, or counterfeit a SS card. This crime can result n a fine of up to $5,000, up to 5 years in jail, or both.
Constructing a SSN is quite complicated. The number is broken down into three parts. The first three numbers indicate where the number was issued. The second two-number part indicates when the number was issued. The last part is comprised of four numbers that is your own personal code.
In order to understand how SSNs are assigned, it is best to create your own database. This can be made by using the SSN, age, and time of death taken from certificates found at a vital statistics office. These numbers will give you a general idea of what number will be valid for your planned identity, according to the issue date.
In general, when constructing a SSNN, it is important to focus on the following points. First, the area number must be valid, supporting the birth state of your new identity. It needs to have a block number that was not issued before the proposed birth date, and that is not any higher than the highest number issued for the area segment of the SSN. And lastly, it needs to have a valid serial number, as in, not 0000.
In addition to creating a SSN, another option is to apply for one under your identity. One major problem of this approach is age – the average identity changer is too old to get a new SSN. And the Social Security Administration (SSA) verifies all birth certificates for applicants older than 17, making it impossible to use a counterfeit birth certificate. There are a few ways, however, to get around this rule, by applying as a person under 18.
The first way is to apply using an original or certified birth certificate and another identity document (driver’s license, school ID, or medical record, for example). The birth certificate can either be forged or ghosted from a person who died young, never had a SSN, or would currently be 16-17 years old. Then apply to the SSA by sending a letter, along with state required documents, stating a convincing reason for needing a SSN, like a job.
Another way is to go into the SSA, as your new identity, granted that you look young, and apply in person as if you are 17 years old. If not, you can always go in as the “parent”. All you need is a state issued ID to prove your paternity, your own birth certificate, and a birth certificate for your “child”.


United States Public Law 97-398 - December 31, 1982 
An Act

To amend title 18 of the United States Code
To provide penalties for certain
False identification related crimes

Be it enacted by the senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America congress assembled, that this act may be cited as the ‘’false identification crime Control Act of 1982.’’
Sec.2. Chapter 47 of title 18 of the United States code is amended by adding at the end the following:

Section 1028. Fraud and related activity in connection with Identification documents.
(a) Whoever, in a circumstance described in subsection (c) of this section
1. Knowingly and without lawful authority produces an identification document or a false identification document;
2. Knowingly transfers an identification document or false identification document knowing that such document was stolen or producer without lawful authority;
3. Knowingly possesses whit intent to use unlawfully or transfer unlawfully five or more identification documents (other than those issued lawfully for the use of the possessor) or false identification documents,
4. Knowingly possesses and identification document (other than one issued lawfully for the use of the possessor) or a false identification document, with the intent such document be used to defraud the united States; or
5. Knowingly produces, transfers, or possesses a document–making implement with the intent such document-making implement will be used in the production in the a false identification document or another document-making implement which will be so used;
6. Knowingly possesses and identification document that is or appears to be and identification document that United States which is stolen or produced without lawful authority knowing that such authority, or attempts to do so, shall be punished as provided in subsection (b) of this section. 
(b) The punishment for an offense under sub section (a) of this section is
1. a fine of not more than $25,000 or imprisonment for not more than five years, or both, if the offense is
A. the production or transfer of identification document or false identification document that is or appears to be
i. an identification document issued by or under the authority of the United States; or
ii. a birth certificate, or a driver’s license o personal identification card;
B. the production or transfer of more Thant five identification documents or false identification documents; or
C. an offense under paragraph (5) of such subsection;
2. a fine of not more than $ 15,000 or imprisonment for not more than three years, or both, if the offense is
A. any other production or transfer of an Identification document or false identification document; or
B. an offense under paragraph (3) of such subsection; and
3 a fine of not more than $ 5,000 or imprisonment for not more than one year, or both, in any other case.
C. the circumstance referred to in subsection (a) of this section is that
1. The identification document or false identification document is or appears to be issued by or under the authority of the United States or the document-Marking implement is designed or suited for making such an identification document;
2. The offense is an offense under subsection (a) (4) of this section; or
3. The production, transfer, or possession prohibited by this section is in or affects interstate or foreign commerce, or the identification document, false identification document or document-marking implement is transported in the mail in the course of the production, transfer, of possession prohibited by this section.
D. As used in this section
1. the term ‘’identification document ‘’ means a document made or issued by or under the authority of the united states government, a state, and political subdivision of a state, a foreign government political subdivision of a foreign government, an international governmental or an international quasi-governmental organization which, when completed with information concerning a particular individual, is o f a type indented or commonly accepted for the purpose of identification of individuals;
2. the term ‘’produce’’ include alter, authenticate, or assemble;
3. the term ‘’document-marking implement ‘’ means any implement or impression specially designed or primarily used for making and identification document, a false identification document, or another document-making implement;
4. the term ‘’personal identification card ‘’ means an identification document issued by a stated or local government solely for the purpose of identification; and
5. the term ‘’state’’ includes any state of the united States, the District of Columbia, the commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and any other commonwealth, possession or territory of the United States.
E. This section does not prohibit any lawfully authorized investigative, protective, or intelligence activity of a law enforcement agency of the United States, a state, or a political subdivision of a state, or any activity authorized under title V of the organized crime control act of 1970 (18 U.S.C. note prec. 3481).

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Change Identity, a necessary guide

Change identityMore than a few people have felt the need to change identity and obtain a second passport or carry multiple passports. There can be many reasons for adopting one of these actions: for personal reasons, from business to politics; without a doubt, the world of identity change remains a mystery for many, who associate it with movies done in the best Hollywood style in which a spy, usually North American, is able to pass borders and customs controls, starting with multiple passports that show him with a different appearance on every occasion. However, reality is much richer than fiction and the prolific writer Giovanni Caporaso shows how in his most recent book Change Identity is Possible, Here is the Proof, published by Expats Books. Through an ample investigation, Caporaso provokes us with a question that will guide us through the entire reading of the interesting subject: is it possible to change identities? The author’s answer is a resounding “yes”, and of course he has dedicated the more than 140 pages of the e-book to discuss his thesis on Change Identity.

Mr. Caporaso begins by analyzing possible reasons that people might have for change identity and, further on, he enters into very interesting and, at the same time, extremely controversial subjects: change identity, starting with changing your face with plastic surgery and modifying your fingerprints.The subject line then brings us to the adoption of new citizenships and it’s here that the author shows his superior knowledge, through a detailed and descriptive analysis of the benefits of having a new citizenship, the importance of having multiple passports, the legal options of having a new citizenship, and many of the places where it is easier to obtain them.

The guide that Mr. Caporaso proposes is extremely useful because, country by country, the author shows the pros and cons of change identity and get a second passport in nations that count with economic programs for receiving the afore mentioned legal documents. Perhaps many think that this information is available on Internet and that it is all correct. However, the advantage given by this e-book is that everything that is written has been revised, analyzed and criticized by a man who is highly experienced as a legal counselor and journalist. Mr. Caporaso knows what he is writing about and this gives an undeniable value to the book Change Identity is Possible, Here is the Proof.

In the final part of his book Mr. Caporaso decides to enter into a argument, and has no doubt in speaking, in depth, about various nations that have not been recognized as such, but are fighting for their right to exist, including Antarcticland; further on he also presents some micro-nations that are at the center of debate because the large nations deny them, for economic and political interests, recognition as such.

The understanding, the depth, the openness to debate to polemics are present in every of Giovanni Caporaso’s book Change Identity is Possible, Here is the Proof.It’s an interesting read, with life stories, analyses of the laws, variations for achieving the change, in order to change identity and obtain a new citizenship. In every case, the writer speaks with propriety and certainty about the possible costs of these programs, which converts the e-book into very appreciable material. 

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If you don't have accurate details regarding Change Identity and get a New Citizenship, then you might make a bad choice on the subject. Don't let that happen: keep reading and buy the book Change Identity is Possible, Here is the Proof. 

Is there really any information about Change Identity and get a New Citizenship that is nonessential? We all see things from different angles, so something relatively insignificant to one may be crucial to another.


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Change Identity

Change Identity

Frank Ahearn

An interview with the US expert Frank M. Ahearn, author of The Digital Hit Man & How to Disappear
By Franco Russo

Q. “Why would anyone want to disappear?
A. People disappear for many reasons; some are victims of stalkers or trying to escape an abusive relationship. There are those who have been in bad business situations and feel their life is in danger. Also I have worked with people who have come into a lot of money and they want to leave everything behind and never be found.
It typically involves a money or danger aspect.

Q. What is the best system for disappearing without leaving a trace?
A. I do not think there is one best system, what may work for you may not work for me. I do believe if you are going to disappear do it legally and not try to obtain new or fake identities because you are only inviting one more predator – law enforcement. 

Q. And what about the supplantation of identity?
I am against all fake identities and explain this creates more problems. You do not know if the identity you are obtaining is for a criminal or if ten other people are around with the same name and identifiers.

Q. What are some of the most common errors made by people who want to disappear and do it without consulting an expert?
A. The first mistake is they begin their search at home or work and have created a digital footprint. Most are unrealistic about their financial future and do not consider how they will make money in the future. Just because you have a boat load of money today does not mean you will have it tomorrow.

Q. What services can an expert offer?
A. I bring them down to reality and make then understand that the grass is not always greener on the other side. I have worked with numerous people who felt they had no choice but to disappear however, the reality is disappearing is not always the answer.
When it comes to a client who does need to disappear my expertise is making sure that the person hunting my client never finds them. Having a skip-tracing (finding people) background makes me good at disappearing.

Q. But, is this legal?
A. Yes. I do not work with criminals or supply people fake identities. Think of me a secure and confidential relocation service. Doing it legally means but not doing it illegally. Taking a fake identity. The idea is to plan your exit and not break local or national laws in your old or new country.

book AhearnQ. When you help someone disappear, perhaps even with border-line methods, how do you know that it’s not a trap put out by the authorities, and how do you avoid ending up in trouble with the law?
A. I will not take work that is illegal. I search out my clients thoroughly. For example I just got back from Lithuania meeting a couple and their two children who want to disappear because they feel they are a target of child protective services. They seemed normal and their documents are in order but after the meeting a few things came out. They lied to me and if a client lies I walk away.

Q. How can you be sure you’re not helping an outlaw or, even worse, a terrorist?
A. I look into their background and search out information on the potential client. I come to learn that people who need my help ask me for help. People how have hidden agenda’s ask me how to accomplish certain task.
Again, the previous question if you want to hire me, you need to fly me to where you are located and have documents in order.

Q. Would you mind telling us a couple of stories about people who have decided to disappear?
A. I recently finished up with a client who turned twenty-one and received a large inheritance from her father’s estate. The problem was the father left minimal money to his widow and she was not very happy. The daughter discovered that the mother was trying to gain control of the money with the assistance of a corrupt lawyer. The daughter truly believed that the mother would hurt her for the money and felt it was best to disappear.
The problem was the estate had numerous properties and to sell them it would have taken a great deal of time plus make the mother aware of the intended actions. The estate provided a serious amount of cash and investments that would support the daughter for the rest of her life. She decided that she was going to donate the properties to charity and disappear. Everything happened in one day, the properties sold and my clients disappeared.

Q. Once you have disappeared, is there a way to return?
A. In the past I suggested you disappear and leave it all behind but life changes and now I suggest when you disappear do not burn the bridges you leave behind.
Something I want to add about disappearing. In the digital world one must learn to be a virtual entity to truly disappear. Just because you ran off to Katmandu does not mean you cannot be discovered. Digital traces discover people every second of the day, therefore when you disappear you need to evolve into a virtual entity that has not have any physical connections.

Q. What are your projects for the future?
A. I have been doing a lot of digital manipulation work. What that means is combating online information that is either negative, dangerous or malicious.

Q. To perhaps disappear forever?
A. Absolutely.