Foreign bank accountsThe times when foreign bank accounts were protected by banking secrecy, above all in offshore jurisdictions, can be considered officially over. Those who resorted to this tax engineering tool now know that their personal information can be exposed, because the banks are becoming increasingly fearful and faced with increasing requests from State governments, they share their clients’ personal information. E-wallets are replacing foreign bank accounts.
So, what went on before? Faced with the constant increase in taxes, people opened foreign bank accounts, especially in jurisdictions where there a very convenient tax policy. In addition, these accounts were protected by a high level of confidentiality, security and convenience, since these jurisdictions showed strict banking secrecy as one of their strengths. Additionally, the account holder often didn’t even have to be physically present to open the account.
Now, the situation is completely different. Foreign bank accounts are being targeted more and more suspiciously. More than a few officials and financial institutions fear these accounts because, they say, have been, on occasion, associated with tax evasion or money laundering. Therefore, some of the transactions made by these foreign bank accounts have provoked alarms. Add to this the higher maintenance for foreign bank accounts compared to regular bank accounts.
Governments have raised their pressure on banks and so the latter think twice about accepting a new account into their system. They have increased their procedures and verification is long and tedious. In the face of all this, the growing lack of interest in foreign bank accounts is understandable.
Nonetheless, a solution arrives in the face of each problem, and  the best answer for those who are tired of the pressure on foreign bank accounts is to look at the alternative and very effective mechanisms like Banana00, considered to be the most modern offshore e-wallet at this time.
Working with a person enjoys all the possibilities of a foreign bank account… without really having one. With Banana00 it is possible to send and receive unlimited funds; in addition, this offshore e-wallet places total respect of its clients’ privacy as one of its strong points, for which it requests only information that is essential for guaranteeing the person’s legality and, in addition, offers its work in various currencies, among which is also the bitcoin.
Banana00 adapts to the needs of each client. Three types of accounts are among its options; they all have a common element: receiving funds is always unlimited. The difference between the accounts is in how much money can be sent each month. For example, it is possible to send up to 1,000 Euros each month; while you can send up to 2,000 Euros each month with the Silver account, at a monthly cost of 20 Euros. And last, the Gold account, which is the best of all, because with monthly fee of only 40 Euros, the client can send unlimited funds.
Banana00 also lets you send remittances, through prestigious companies like MoneyGram and Western Union, and its clients can apply for a UnionPay debit card, associated with your Banana00 account, with which you can make online purchases in most shops around the world, and also make cash withdrawals from ATM networks.
Banana00 has currently reached the position as the best offshore e-wallet. With it, it is possible to enjoy the advantages of foreign bank accounts, however, with the guarantee of maximum protection of personal information and this, in an increasingly monitored world, is a very good thing.

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