Thursday, 20 December 2018 13:47

Anonymous and secure surfing kit

Kit privacy



OPM Security has always been known for leading the pack in computer security services. This was proven once again by the inauguration of a novel anonymous insecure surfing kit that promises to increase the privacy of people when they work online.
The kit consists of an email client (Thunderbird), a web browser, a series of highly useful office tools and text storage. The software is installed on computers or flash drives – always password-protected — which increases clients' security. This is because they can take their browsing history with them as well as the documents without leaving any trace on the computer they worked on.
In addition, the kit has the instructions for activating a Swiss virtual private network (VPN) that is very useful for everyone who lives in countries that certain companies place restrictions on. Through the VPN, you would be surfing "from" Switzerland. This means you could open accounts with PayPal or visit sites that are restricted in your country of residence. This kind of surfing would be anonymous and would fool security agency checks.
The kit can be downloaded from the official OPM Security site ( and it has a series of very accurate instructions that will help you to install it quickly. The new OPM Security product has been welcomed by users who especially value the possibility of surfing Internet anonymously.
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