007 Voip: An Interesting and Economical Change

voip007 Voip: An Interesting and Economical Change
Skype Vs. 007 Voip

If right now we were to survey Net users, without paying attention to nationalities, it’s almost certain that
very few would never have used, at some moment, the Voip phone. It’s reliable, inexpensive, and easy to use. If this seems like an advertising slogan from a typical company, that´s because it should be as it accurately and briefly sums up the advantages of this service.

With Voip, telecommunication has reached a new level. Not even Jules Vernes, in his science fiction novels, could have imagined, in so little time, that the human race would reach this high of a level in communication technology.
When talking about Voip, it’s difficult not to bring up one specific name: Skype. This is a very diverse application, created in 2003 by Niklas Zennstrom from Switzerland and Janes Friis from Denmark, for which eBay payed 2.5 billion dollars for in 2005.
Skype’s software can be downloaded for free online. Using this software, Skype users can call landlines or cell phones and are charged rates accordingly, which are always than those offered by conventional telephone companies. Meanwhile, calls between Skype users are free.
The Voip phone’s success is based in the moderate prices and reliability of communication. The reliability is due to a direct connection established with the person, thereby eliminating the consumption of bandwidth used by the voice on the servers. Security is also increased, since it is a direct connection and allows cheap telephone calls worldwide.
The services offered by Voip continue to become more varied.
It is no secret to anyone that Voip is a great service that works very well. Therefore, if you had the opportunity to get a service with the best prices and the unique feature of an anonymous landline, wouldn´t it be worth trying. This is exactly the opportunity that is being proposed by the new 007 Voip service, presented by the company OPM Security of Panama.
As often happens when something new comes on the market, it is common for the potential client to wonder if it’s worth the effort. Of course, OPM Security thinks that it is. However, besides reading expert criticisms, it’s also worth looking over the advantages of 007 Voip and then deciding for oneself what’s the best choice according to one’s needs.
What is first brought to one´s attention is that 007 Voip allows for the phone line to be redirected, with no hassle and free of charge, to Skype and MSN accounts. Another eye-catching feature is that 007 Voip numbers are registered completely anonymously.
007007 Voip makes it possible to have anonymous numbers in the vast majority of countries. In other words, your number will never appear in a telephone directory, nor will your name even be mentioned. For some people this might not make any difference, but for many others this advantage is imperative. This service therefore is aimed at those who require anonymity. Using 007 Voip, you can answer your phone, with an internet connection, from any country in the world. You will get free roaming with a landline too.
We will now look at another important aspect that we also at before buying a product: the prices. When talking about phone systems, we want to know how we can talk more and spend less.
For example, Skype charges by the minute. This means that if you go over one minute, they will charge you as if you had talked for two full minutes; even if you only talked for 1 minute and 20 seconds. With 007 Voip, this problem is non-existent because they charge by 10 second increments. Therefore, the same call that Skype would charge 2 minutes, with 007 Voip you would pay exactly what you talked: 1 minute and 20 seconds. This advantage is not insignificant, that´s for sure.
Anonymity, security and low prices are three very attractive aspects. There is definitely a lot of competition in the telecommunication market of Voip, but there just arrived a worthwhile competitor: OPM Security’s 007 Voip, whose fresh ideas will certainly be well-received.