Bodyguards, the first step towards a final solutionBodyguards, the first step towards a final solution

executive bodyguardBodyguards, the first step towards a final solution
VIP Security Agents

The world we live in is more dangerous every day and although it has already been almost a decade since the tragic events of 9/11, more than a few still believe that insecurity is a constant part of our lives. The resources and the personnel that reinforce the security agencies are not enough. This has resulted in people and companies looking for, with great frequency, protection and security bodyguards and defense teams offer.
Bodyguards have been created in the popular imagination as people with a lot of physical preparation, but at times with little brains. This is a mistake because, although it is correct that they require a lot of physical preparation, the minimum education bodyguards have that work for prestigious security companies, like OPM Security, is a pre-university diploma. Their cultural preparation doesn’t stop there – they all go on later to specialty schools and training.
OPM Security provides their clients with comprehensive protection services. The firm offers corporate and executive security services, with an emphasis on the crucial necessity of advanced planning. These services are really very valuable for those persons who operate in high-risk environments.
The persons that OPM Security selects to work as bodyguards for the company have worked previously in organizations and institutions like the Secret Service, Special Forces, SWAT, Intelligence, the Army, the Marines, the Airforce, the Police, and Paramedics. All are capable of demonstrating the highest qualifications in their physical training and in the security operations that today’s world demands.
For example, to guarantee maritime Security, the company depends on armed personnel that guarantee the security of the ships and the members of its crews by searches not only in cisterns, cargos, containers, but also in yachts and cruise ships.
The intellectual growth of OPM Security’s bodyguards is accompanied by a lot of previous experience in diverse jobs, especially in the military. Therefore, they have already dealt with similar situations as those that they will surely encounter when protecting people or companies.
The abilities of OPM Security’s bodyguards and VIP security agents aren’t only physical – they can also strike up an intelligent conversation with their customers or business clients. They are aware of everything, but also know how to keep necessary discretion since they will most likely hear or see complicated things. This discretion, put to the test at all times, is a fundamental characteristic of our employees at OPM Security. They do their job and they do it well.

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