Express foreign divorces

 Express foreign divorces: international divorces, unilateral and express by proxy

Are you considering a divorce? You can save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours. Discover the Offshore VIP Divorce used by Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Marc Anthony, Diana Ross, and many others! Legal International Divorces – Secrets Revealed! Learn how you can legally divorce “offshore” in as little as 24 hours.  With or Without Consent of Your Spouse! You’ve probably heard of people jetting off to the Caribbean to get married. But did you know, you can also legally divorce in a foreign country, no matter where you happen to be located right now?   Divorce is an unpleasant experience all round. But if you must do it, a speedy, amicable, affordable, and legally valid decree of divorce from a foreign country may well be the best solution you.

 Among foreign divorces, there are two that are peculiar and particularly attractive: “full steam ahead” or “express” of the Dominican Republic or the “unilateral divorce” of Haiti. The two procedures can be done in only 24 hours. In the Dominican Republic, it is done with only one of the spouses, who must receive the right of proxy from the other to represent him. In Haiti, on the basis of the laws in force, it is possible to obtain the divorce through unambiguous desire of one of the two spouses. This type of divorce is used especially in cases in marriage has been contracted abroad and you can’t track down the other spouse to divorce him/her, if you wish to remarry and it is important to protect oneself against being denounced for bigamy. Both procedures are valid internationally; the acts can be registered in any embassy, and don’t regard indemnities, alimony, separation of goods in common, the assignment of children, etc. these questions must be treated in specific courtrooms. Therefore, the sentences do not affect civil actions such as support for the spouse or children in the country where the marriage was contracted or where the spouses reside. It avoids the condemnation for bigamy and permits you to remarry abroad. The sentence will be registered and an apostil affixed (with international juridical value).

The prices of the divorce are around €3,000.00
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