Inexpensive, safe and easy, three proposals from OPM SECURITY

Mujeres fabrica textil ChinaInexpensive, safe and easy, three proposals from OPM SECURITY

Trade with China faces several challenges; however, it also offers extensive possibilities. Our company allows you to identify the most advantageous business opportunities, as well as manage risks, minimize expenses, ensure your transactions and optimize the supply chain from China.

When a foreign company expects to import or export from China they must be up to date on the following areas: supplier verification in China, price negotiation, contract negotiation, relations with suppliers, language management, payments and accounting, shipping, logistics and governmental matters. We are able to collaborate on all of these aspects.

For more than five years our company has been dedicated to offering professional, quality services to small and medium foreign companies that need to import or export to/ from China. Our services include the source of the products, the supplier verification in China, business consultation, shipping agreements, import/ export agents, as well as other services related to supplies.

We have become leaders in commercial knowledge about China. We offer up to date data on our official site about regulations, Chinese politics, clients, taxes, commercial treaties and other aspects connected to the import/ export industry in China. To stay informed, we suggest that you subscribe to our RSS channel. You can also find original offers on our site, as well as in-depth analyses of China’s industries, in keeping with small and medium businesses.

Our company’s work team is composed of specialists experienced in managing supply chains, supply agents and business and commercial consultants. They have all worked in these sectors for many years and demonstrate a wide knowledge of international trade, investments, finance and law.

Our company’s service network covers all of China. The local experts that work with us use their experience and knowledge to find the quickest and most efficient solutions, always at the best price, so that you can add value to your business.

Inspections are one of our company’s most requested services. This service includes: visits to the company or factory that our client is interested in negotiating with, conversations with local industry and commercial administrations, online background check of the company or factory, as well as supplier verification.

Starting with this study, carried out by renowned experts, we present a complete report on the supplier verification process to our client, with videos and photos of the supplier’s facilities, equipment, the production procedure, the procedures for quality control, and details of proof.

China has become one of the main trade attractions of the second decade of the 21st century; without a doubt, knowing, penetrating, and connecting with this market is not easy, for various reasons, among which the Asiatic idiosyncrasy and the very special characteristics of the prevailing government system in the world’s most highly populated country. Faced with these facts, our company appears as a very attractive option for all those who hope to approach and participate in the Chinese market.