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Bank JammerMobile Phone Jammers applications

Main Locations for Jammers: Gas Stations, Oil and Gas Storage Facilities, Oil and Gas Fields, Hospitals, Theatres, Recording Studios, Banks, Contract Tendering Rooms, Churches, Conference Rooms, Classrooms, Testing Facilities, Security Services, Military Units, Secret Services, News Conference Rooms, Libraries, Museums, Prisons, Courts, Border Patrol and Drug Enforcement,Customs,Houses.
At Present Best Selling Locations for Jammers: Military Units, Police Units,Goverment Unit, Jail Unit
1. Gas stations, the air entrainment station, the fuel depot and the flammable explosive chemical warehouse, the refinery, the petrified factory and so on need safely to protect place: May avoid changing suddenly the detonation which the signal radiative generation static electricity spark but causes, the fire. Posts the prohibition to dial the handset sign, does not have the initiative, this kind of accident all has the appearance in national many gas stations, in order to safeguard these important situations the security to be supposed to take the precautionary measure.
2. Governments, enterprise's each kind of conference room: May avoid the handset ting disturbs and answers when the telephone breaking the leader to speak but interrupts its person to hold a meeting.
3. Armies, public security department's important conference rooms: Might avoid the attending personnel divulging the military and the government using the handset is secret, at present the new spy science and technology, already used the handset interception, the monitor environment sound, therefore to important conference place, it is necessary to take effective also of security the initiative.
4. Hospitals: Might avoid the goon machine-hour but causing doctor to the hospital precision instrument equipment disturbance to misdiagnose, has delayed the rescue patient, as well as was surgery doctor to answer the handset telephone disturbance attention, underwent the surgery to doctor to the patient to be extremely disadvantageous.
5. courts: May avoid the handset ting the disturbance, maintains the court conference site the dignity and the sacredness.
6. Libraries, New Bookstore: May avoid the handset ting and answer the telephone the noise, builds to study the study peaceful environment.
7. Theaters: As the upscale recreation area, eliminates the handset ting noise to be possible to maintain the audience to appreciate the program the interest.
8. Tests places, scene of the examination question: May cease the examinee, monitor an exam the personnel to cheat using the modern communication facilities.
9. Schools classrooms and training organization classroom: May avoid the handset ting and answers when the handset telephone to attending class student's disturbance.
10. Instead fears the unit: Locking goal of tendency by handset telecontrolled bomb.
11. Coast defense unit: May prevent the seacoast smuggling member discloses secret information using the handset, effectively attacks smuggling criminal offender's smuggling.
12. The jail, detains the place: Prevented the criminal, the news media, the visit personnel, the prison tube does not collude with according to the stipulation inside and outside, forms conspires to get the story straight.
13. Church: May eliminate the handset signal noise, by maintains the religious place solemn and respectful.

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