Mobile Phone Jammers: neutralizing fraud

Jammer portatileMobile Phone Jammers: neutralizing fraud

In this era of information, copying, pasting and sharing all types of information gets easier each time we do it; without a doubt, professors and bankers are worried about this, with reason, because they must guard all possible forms of one of the most important intangible assets that we have today: information. In the case of the teachers, fraud is one of the subjects that provoke continuous headaches, because the students can pass the answers to the exams by SMS or even take photos of the tests already finished and talk about them among their friends, all through the use of a small, modern mobile phone; whereas, in the case of banks, a person with bad intentions could use his cell phone to capture the PIN that people use to enter an ATM and from their they could make a theft; even worse, a cell phone can interfere during the transmission of data from the bank’s computer and provoke chaos. Mobile phones are prohibited in banks and classrooms; doubtless, people continue using them. How can we keep these things from happening? Insurance companies have alternatives, and one of these is the mobile phone jammer, very modern devices that once they are activated block the signals between the phone and the tower. One of the most attractive details is that the mobile phone owners don’t even notice that an interruption has taken place, because the screen stays the same; it just doesn’t receive either messages or calls. The companies have made so many innovations that the jammers become smaller and smaller, for the table or hand-held, of several types and can also be activated by remote control. So, the interested parties block the signal at the opportune moment. Discretion, efficiency, security are some of the terms that qualify the mobile phone jammers, a technology that has gained ground and will probably be used more frequently in the near future.
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