Typology of Anonymous Bank Accounts

tarjetas-lavadoAnonymous bank accounts are one of the most interesting options for those who seek greater anonymity and security in their financial operations. Experts affirm that there are several ways to open anonymous bank accounts; however, they also clarify that complete anonymity is not real, but several low tax burden jurisdictions have implemented laws that protect the bank secret; however, the bank is obligated to hand over personal data of a client when presented with a legal order for presumed misuse of an anonymous bank account.
One of the most used options for opening anonymous bank accounts is a private bank. More than a few of the so-called “big banks) say that they count on “offshore banks” that offer private bank services; however, experts admit that these “offshore entities” are onshore banks and so they won’t give that security. Another variation of anonymous bank accounts is to use a Swiss bank and obtain a numbered account, which is an account where the client’s name doesn’t appear, just a number. Nonetheless, Switzerland is no longer the safe haven it once was because Swiss banks have signed several treaties for exchanging tax information.
The third way to obtain anonymous bank accounts is to turn to an offshore bank, registered in an offshore jurisdiction. Usually, these banks guarantee greater privacy than so-called “offshore entities” of big banks. In addition, analysts have identified another much more interesting possibility: resorting to alternative methods such as the prestigious tPayOPM.com. This business isn’t a bank, but it allows you to receive or send bank transfers; in addition, PayOPM.com makes it possible to make payments, as well as send remittances to family and friends.

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