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Welcome to Tax Haven´s official website please read carefully this introduction that will guide in the use of this web site, see also the introductory video in the left menu


This is the only place on the web where you will not only find products, but also information, facts, and articles to help you better understand the tax planning world.
This site is prepared by experts from the OPM Corporation of Panama, a leader in the offshore world since 1992, and the law firm of Caporaso and Partners.
On the left-hand side menu, you will find frequently asked questions, who we are, contacts, and articles.
Slightly below, are the links for the Public Register of several countries which can be used to check the standing of your company,
Next you will find the order form link, with details of all of the products and their prices, and the “How to Pay” link.
Some sections of the website are reserved. You must register in order to access these sections. Once you have registered, you may download, for free, the booklet “How to use an offshore company to pay less or zero taxes”.
On the right-hand menu, you will find the latest additions: recent articles and information about brand new products.
Please read the website carefully, to avoid asking unnecessary questions.  We try to publish all necessary information for your convenience. If you still have any doubts or questions, we are available via telephone, chat and email.
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Have a great trip in the Tax Haven world.