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opm corporationO.P.M. CORPORATION, has been one of the leading providers of Offshore services since 1992 (check 266794) . Trough our headquarters in Panama, our Caporaso & Partners Law Office (check 25210and correspondent offices in South America and Caribbean,  we offer the best offshore packages. We establish companies, carry out administrative functions, offer real estate investment, register patents and commercial brand names, immigration, all at very competitive prices. We protect assets from creditors or ex-espouse and set up low tax structures using an offshore corporation or a private interest foundation. Tax havens are one of the most important keys for the international investors, yet few professionals understand and use them properly. Now those keys are available also for small investors.


Logo Caporaso & PartnersWe are in business since 17 years. You can trust who has been trusted by thousand of costumers.

- Privacy - the more that is known about your financial status, legal ownership and titles to assets of value and other such private matters, the more vulnerable you and your assets are to attack. Common sense dictates that what others do not know you have cannot be
taken from you.  Confidentiality of one's personal affairs is a key objective and a priority for almost everyone who makes the move offshore.
- Tax reduction  - it is in your rational self interest to seek ways in which you can lawfully reduce tax liabilities from investment and capital income, thus making your hard earned money work harder for you, not the other way around.
- Estate Planning - when you factor in the combined force of estate, income and excise taxes, your hard-earned estate could lose up to 80% of its value. With proper estate planning one's investment income accumulates and provides for or eventually passes on to designated beneficiaries with minimal tax liability and hassles.
- Asset Protection - accumulating assets is no longer a guarantee of security, for once you begin to accumulate, you need to begin thinking about how to protect your hard-earned assets.

giovannicaporaso2Founder and President of the O.P.M. CORPORATION and Director of Caporaso & Partners Law Office, Giovanni Caporaso is considered the Italian Guru of Offshore and has been published by Expats E-books
www.expatsebooks.com, with several books on the subject. He speaks Italian, English, Spanish, French and Portuguese fluently. As far as possible, Dr. Caporaso personally follows the directions of each client’s case.




Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo)—Dr. Giovanni Caporaso teaches lessons on “Money laundering of the Drug Cartels” in the sphere of the Project of Professionalization of the Magistrates and Investigators in the Dominican Republic.

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