007 Messages, the best option for avoiding spies while chatting

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007messages logoAlarms are ringing on every side after the leaks in WhatsApp’s new confidentiality policy, which allows it to share its users’ data with other businesses in it group; in addition, this is combined with an investigation of the computer company InTheCyber in which they confirmed that any person, even without high technical knowledge, can exploit a weakness in WhatsApp and Telegram to access everything sent and received on these services. Faced with so many security problems, more than a few experts advise people to use instant communication services like 007 Messages, which really ensure anonymity in conversations.
InTheCyber’s investigation showed that, by just knowing the phone number of the person you want to hack, it’s possible, through the automatic voicemail, to access chats on both WhatsApp and Telegram, which are two of the most used services these days.
Worry over the weaknesses in the security of these two businesses isn’t new, even though the most recent news shows that the reliability of online services is becoming increasingly weaker. In this context, is it actually possible to maintain an online conversation that is 100% private and which can’t be spied on?
Faced with the doubts raised by WhatsApp and Telegram the number of people searching for alternative options for chatting with complete security has increased rapidly and 007 Messages, created by OPM Corporation, is among one of the most downloaded apps at present.
This app is both simple and very power at the same time, because of various options it offers. It can be downloaded for free from Google Play and is available in eight languages (Spanish, English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese. With 007 Messages it is possible to send unlimited amounts of text messages, also free, to any other user who has installed said app.
The creators of 007 Messages designed it so that the messages sent through the app use an innovative encryption technique known as Php Hypertext Processor. This way, 007 Messages sends the text message and when the user reads the text and closes the app, the message will immediately self-destruct and all traces of the message will disappear from the device that sent it, from the recipient and also – and this is the most innovative part – from the server. Precisely because of this mechanism, neither hackers nor spy agencies can have access to the encrypted content that was sent and then self-destroyed.
You can only send text messages through 007 Messages, no voice or videos, but this is another strength of this app since these functions of WhatsApp and Telegram have been shown to have the widest security gaps. For this reason, the directors of 007 Messages have preferred to keep only messages, but they guarantee that no one can read them and this transforms 007 Messages into a unique app in this much monitored world.